4 Ways to Make Your House Look Like New Without Spending $$$

4 Ways to Make Your House Look Like New Without Spending $$$

There's never been a more perfect time to recreate yourself and the spaces you occupy! The age of Aquarius, mixed with the New Year, marks the most special fresh start you'll likely ever get!

Having a signature style helps a house look more like a cohesive home, full of personality, just like you.

We've put together some items that fit together like family to help you achieve the home of your dreams!

California Beachy Glam

There is nothing more refreshing than walking into a blue oasis-styled home full of cute succulents and a fresh bowl of lemons on the counter. We found some other to-die-for accessories:
This item will be the center of attention; it's beautiful, it's hand-made, it's unique.

Now what screams Hollywood glamour? Flamingos. Flamingos everywhere. They're our namesake for a reason.

White Standing Flamingo - Flamingo Boutique
Find this cutie here, along with plenty of others in different sizes and colours

 Where there's eternal sunshine, there's palm trees!

  These minimalist palm votives are the perfect addition to your cool, beachy home.

California vibes mean cool turquoises, hot pinks, and sandy tans. It means plants and modern art-pop decor. If this isn't your ambiance, let's move onto something a bit more eccentric!

Bohemian Eclectic Groove

Calling all artists, rebels, weirdos, and vagabonds! We have unique boho-style items to make your home whimsical and colorful as heck.

  Check out this mystical evil eye trinket dish for all your bizarre little souvenirs
  Or how about this exotic indian-style elephant planter for some wily vines or Venus Fly Traps?
Not to mention these completely recycled, eco magazine coasters. Socially responsible, no two are alike, making them just as unique as you!

 And you can't have bohemia without Bali's hand-made beaded art! 

  These special boxes, available in gold and silver, have had hours of soul put into them and can't wait to be filled with the things that make your soul happy!

If the collective, mix 'n' match boho living isn't for you, maybe the classical french look of luxury, on the other end of the spectrum, will do.

Parisian Paradise

La belle Paris! Who isn't swept off their feet by the lights, the romance, and the art! I can hear the accordions now; France is full of wonder and culture, along with beautiful classic contemporary styles. We've found a few to 'frenchify' your salle de bain!

  This card is a beautiful and versatile item, but we see no better way, than to display it in the most revering way possible: to frame it.
  You're a monster if you didn't squeal a tiny bit when you saw this miniature claw-foot tub soap dish. There's nothing left to say; it needs to be in your french-style bathroom for the look to be complete.

These are just a few ideas for possible theme directions you can take, at an affordable price, to add customized and stylish accents to your home.

So many more additions to these styles in particular, and even other matching style pieces, can be found on our online shop!

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