5 Gift Ideas for the Plant Lover in Your Life

5 Gift Ideas for the Plant Lover in Your Life

How do you know if one of your friends has a plant?

Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

People who own plants love to talk about them, and for good reason! There are plants for any occasion, any experience level, and any levels of light. There is a plant for anyone.

So what do you give someone who has made the journey into plant parenthood? Any of these plant-inspired gifts are sure to be a hit.

Combine their love of cooking with their love of plants

How can this apron not prickle their fancy? This Amelia Cacti Apron is perfect for your friend who wants to get messy in the kitchen and look good doing it. It makes the perfect hostess, birthday, or just because gift. Not only is it adorable and form-fitting, it’s also super comfortable. They’ll want to wear it all the time. Seriously. Don’t be surprised if you see them wearing it to make a sandwich.

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Get them a mug that reveals their inner thoughts

Pro tip: If your friend tells you they have too many plants, do not agree with them. The best thing to do in this situation is to tell them that their indoor garden oasis could definitely benefit from one more addition. If you do accidentally agree with them, get them this mug that describes their thought process as an apology gift.

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This bag that will hold their most prized possessions… Oh, and groceries too.

What do plant lovers love almost as much as plants?

Tote bags.

Their commitment to going green goes beyond buying some plants and using reusable straws. They also love saying no to single use plastic bags. This tote bag is the perfect way for them to carry their groceries (and maybe the occasional grocery store succulent or two) in style.

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This DIY kit that combines their favourite hobbies

People who collect plants also love it when their space has a “home-y” vibe. Get them this kit that allows them to create the perfect new piece of decor that also gives any guests a not-so-gentle reminder of the house rules.

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This t-shirt that they will wear every day

Sure, you could get them a t-shirt with their favourite band or cast from their favourite TV show, or you could step it up a notch and get them something that reveals their true love. This shirt will let everyone know that your friend is way cooler than a chocoholic or even a shopaholic: they’re a “plantaholic.”

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No matter which gift you choose, your friend won’t be-leaf that you found something that captures their love of plants so perfectly. Want more plant-inspired gift ideas?

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