Stationery That is Anything but Ordinary!

Stationery That is Anything but Ordinary!

It’s a tricky business: keeping your New Year’s resolutions…

Especially when those goals – so promising before the ball dropped at midnight – seem to lose their luster.

At Flamingo Boutique, we’re no strangers to the "resolution blues”; and while we don’t pretend to have the answers, we do have a little something to help lighten the load – and (we hope) brighten your day.

Enter Stationery (stage left)

Motivate yourself with a badass slogan…

Add some flair to your correspondence with a sassy card or letterhead.

Take a moment to smile when you jot down your schedule in one of our quirky day planners.

And that’s not all that we have to offer!

Drop into Flamingo Boutique and equip yourself with the sort of stationery that will see those New Year's resolutions fulfilled.



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