How To Be Mom's Favourite Child This Mother's Day

How To Be Mom's Favourite Child This Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is almost here and this year, you’re going to do it.

You’re going to be Mom’s favourite.

Sure, she says she doesn’t have a favourite, but that’s only because you haven’t knocked it out of the park yet. This year, you’re going to make Mother’s Day extra-special. This year, when she goes up to all the other moms who are talking about what they did for Mother’s Day, your mom is going to make them all jealous.

So what’s the key to getting that coveted “Mom’s Favourite” title?

Macaroni art.

...what do you mean you already tried that?

Okay, well, if you’ve already tried macaroni art and that didn’t work, just skip that for now and follow the rest of our foolproof guidelines to coming up with the best Mother’s Day gift.

Step One: Make Mom Laugh

Give your mom a smile for Mother’s Day by appealing to her sense of humour. Whether her humour is just plain silly or on the sassier side, making Mom laugh is a great way to start working your way to the top of the favourites list.


Step Two: Make Mom Cry

Now, this is really, really important to remember: you want her to cry happy tears.

Not sad tears. That will not get you on the favourites list.

Find something meaningful to tell your mom how much you love her. Whether it’s a small reminder that you love her sparkling personality or an official award for being a Super Mom, adding something touching to your gift will keep that favourite-child momentum going.


Step Three: Make It Personal

There’s no one else in the world like your mom.

Show how well you know her by picking something that really represents her. Is your mom always refilling her coffee? Or maybe she’s passionate about the environment. Does she absolutely love llamas? She’ll be ecstatic to receive something so personal and you get to show off how much you know about her.


Step Four: Make Sure She Knows It’s From You

This is key when it comes to being the favourite child: she’s gotta know who gave her this wonderful, thoughtful, amazing gift!

Since you already tried macaroni art, just include a card and make sure you sign your name in big, bold letters:

Love from your favourite child, [Your Name Here]

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