Your Kids And Pets Deserve The Best!

Your Kids And Pets Deserve The Best!

Sometimes we're so busy with our adult affairs that we forget just how simple life is at its core. A quick drooly smooch can be all we need to put things into perspective. It's about appreciating the small things… literally.

Show some appreciation to your fur friends: the ones who nuzzled their way into your heart and make you laugh everyday with their ridiculous mannerisms and characters.

Show some love to your little human nuggets too. Thank them for the times they shower you with thoughtful acts, brutal honesty, and unconditional acceptance.

Whether you're a cat person, a dog person, a kid person,two owls in a trenchcoat, or all of the above - We've got some items to make ‘em wiggle and wag with delight!


Dogs are humans' best friend. Forever loyal and goofy, we can't get enough of them! We've got a few gifts that you and your dog will love!

  This aesthetic zipper pouch is perfect for dishing out treats. You can also keep your things in it like keys, or spare change.
Eclectic and made in Bali, it's sure to be a conversation piece and someone for your goofball to talk to. 
  SMALL IRON  DOG Get your dog a friend with this iron dog sculpture!

  I Woof You Magnet - Flamingo Boutique Okay, this adorable sign is more for you, but it is partially in their language so if you show them, maybe they'll get the sentiment! Trust us; they woof you too.


You're either a cat person or you're vehemently not. It's strange the controversy these little felines bring about but we'd like to state for the record: we're team cats. Here are some peace offerings to get their attention;

  Cat Keepsake Box - Flamingo Boutique This keepsake box is perfect for holding old collar tags, paw print art, and anything that reminds you of your cat friend.

The two of you can open it in a few years and take a walk down memory lane.

Capture your favorite moment with your precious angel.

You Had Me At Meow Photo Clip Frame - Flamingo Boutique  Hang it in this punny frame for the world to gush at.
  'Happy Is The Home' Hanging Sign - Flamingo Boutique This sign is a win-win gift.

You get to identify with and share its warm message, and your cat gets to play with the tassels that hang down. Hang it wisely.


Ahhh, gotta love the little rug-rats, too! Forever warming our hearts with their empathy and abstract art. Their sticky fingers find their way to our hearts and just latch right on.

Speaking of sticky…

  Frosted Donut Cotton Candy - Flamingo Boutique this cotton candy gift is a no-brainer.

Kids love sugar. They'll eat it, they'll love you, job well done.

  Be A Unicorn Women's Crew Socks - Flamingo Boutique These magical, colorful unicorn socks are all it takes to make any kid thrilled to be yours.

It's important that kids know they're perfect just the way they are.

  We Mermaid For Each Other Photo Frame - Flamingo Boutique This trendy picture frame is perfect for your little buddy to showcase their buddies.

Nothing is better than a mermaid pun.

Whether you love cats or hate them, own a dog or not, have a mini-you or ride solo - we just want you to be surrounded by loved ones who know how much you care.

Having amazing friends, family, and pets are all great reasons to be grateful and share the sentiment with thoughtful gifts! This guide serves as a starting place and more ideas can be found if you shop here.

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