Avocado Foldable Shopping Tote - Flamingo Boutique

Avocado Foldable Shopping Tote

Shop with the earth in mind and style on your arm. This reusable shopping bag is covered in fun avocado print and comes with its own teeny bags for easy, portable storage. Keep one with you at all times. 

CONVENIENT: Always have your bag handy by putting it into it’s own teeny tiny bag that easily fits into your carryall bag, glovebox, and more.

EARTH FRIENDLY: Stop using one-use plastic sacks. This reusable bag helps you make that commitment.

GROCERY RUN: This bag is perfect for a short trip to grocery, and also works when shopping for gifts and clothes

WASHABLE: If your bag gets dirty, just toss it into the wash with your other laundry. 

Material: Polyester

Size: 14.75 x 24”