BambooFon Speaker


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The BambooFon Energy Free Sound System is made from eco-friendly & sustainable Bamboo.  It is made to fit nearly every smartphone on the market (dimension of slot is approx 9cm wide x 0.9cm high). It is designed to allow charging while your device rests comfortably in the BambooFon.

Due to its design and material it is small in size and lightweight to make it the ideal addition to your indoor / outdoor adventures. The BambooFon also includes a bonus travel bag.

As BambooFon are hand painted and hand crafted from natural bamboo, each product will differ slightly.

Handmade In Bali

Material: Bamboo

Size: Approx. 40cm wide by 9cm high

Brand: Suzie Blue Home

Sold By: Flamingo Boutique, Ottawa

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