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Year From Hell Hand Cream

Walton Woods

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No one expected the chaos 2020 dumped all over us, like a flock of seagulls at a fish market. Never fear our sweet and soothing 'Year From Hell" hand rescue is here to save your over-sanitised skin. After all, soft hands can handle anything!

• Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free
• SLS, Paraben, Phthalate, and Dye-Free
• Moisturizing blend of Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Green Tea
• Thick and rich, never greasy

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Cocao Butter, Shea Butter, Emulsifiying Wax, Steric Acid, Grape Seed Oil, Japenese Green Tea, Vitamin E, Glycol, Pink Grapefruit Fragrance.

Size: 3 × 3 × 2", 4oz

Brand: Walton Woods

Sold By: Flamingo Boutique, Ottawa

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