Put Your Best Mask Forward

Put Your Best Mask Forward

Since the beginning of the pandemic we have been learning how to adjust to the new procedures, regulations and laws that have been put in place. We are following arrows in grocery stores, limiting our gatherings and, most visibly of all, we’ve been wearing masks. This new accessory/protective equipment has caused a lot of uproar in many communities so we at Flamingo Boutique have decided to take a closer look at what the masks do, and why it is so vital that they become a part of our daily practices. The first thing that has been determined about masks is that they are largely protecting those around you, not yourself. COVID-19 is a virus that is spread through respiratory droplets, meaning the small amounts of liquid that we expel when we breath or speak. Masks provide a barrier between our droplets and the rest of the world, thereby limiting the potential for transmission. Recent studies have shown that after the implementation of mandatory masks, there were slowdowns of the daily coronavirus growth rates and countries that had pro-mask policies also had lower death rates. Masks provide security for local communities and coupled with other safe practices can help us prepare for whatever comes next in this pandemic. Experts are saying that to ensure your mask is as effective as it can be it should be made of a tight-weave and breathable material such as cotton and should have a minimum of 2 layers with space for a filter, such as a tissue. By embracing preventative measures we can protect ourselves, our communities and our loved ones and get back on track quicker. Originally, I was a little hesitant about the masks, as I wasn’t sure what it would be like to walk around with half my face covered but I was converted. Not only do I never have to do a full face of makeup anymore, I have a brand new item that I can justify buying and there are so many options. When we got our first stock of masks I was overwhelmed by the amount of different colours and patterns we had and our inventory has kept growing. There are masks for every mood, event and outfit. I love being able to choose one that coordinates with my look for the day. Masks are easy ways to wear a piece of our personality on our faces, whether its through cheetah prints, pink clouds or paisley skull prints.  Here at Flamingo Boutique we sell a wide variety of masks and would be happy to assist if you have any questions about our products and how to make them work best for you! 

Masks Quick Q&A

Who does the mask protect?

Largely those around you, but it does provide a minimal amount of protection for you as well. 

How do I wear the mask?

When you wear your mask, the top must cover your nose completely and the bottom must tuck under your chin. You want to make sure your mask fits properly and is not too loose around your nose or mouth. 

Why should I wear the mask?

Besides the fact that it’s the law now in Ottawa, masks are truly an effective and necessary tool for curbing the spread. Masks, along with proper hand washing procedures and physical distancing, have been large contributors in our ability to keep the virus under control. 

Can I just wear a face shield/bandana/scarf?

Evidence has shown that wearing these alternatives on their own are not as effective as wearing a mask, and face shields should be used with a mask whenever possible. 

Masks are hot, what should I do if I’m at an indoor public space but am overheating?

If you’re at an indoor public space and wish to remove your mask for a non-medical emergency, speak to a member of the staff and see if they can supervise your items while you step outside to take a breather. You should always attempt to find a way to an outdoor space if you want to take off your mask. 

Where can I buy masks?

We sell masks here at Flamingo Boutique in lots of fun patterns and colours! We have different styles for everyone so come stop by and check us out. 

Follow this link to check out the face masks pictured above (and many more): https://flamingoboutique.ca/search?type=product&q=face+mask





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